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A VIP treatment in which I take care of you from A to Z because …
Recruitment on management level is top sport!

I have a winner’s mentality, which is characterised by my refined focus on the result.  Success is not a coincidence …

In consultation, we make an analysis of the company, the team, the function and the potential candidate by means of our unique DNA check, so that we have a clear picture of what we are looking for.  Once the DNA is determined, the search starts.

During the search, my tactics may change because top players are scarce and perseverance is required.  The DNA is unique, it does not change.

What is our unique DNA Check?

Via our unique DNA check we analyse and describe in detail personal and predictive behavioural indicators.  What are the candidate’s motives and basic fears, the resulting management style, what does the candidate contribute to the organisation, how does he or she communicate, etc.?

We then project this personal and unique DNA check of the candidate into the DNA of the company, the team and the position.  Obviously, we have analysed and described the DNA beforehand.

How companies work:
5 Steps to a Successful Sales, Marketing and HR Director


Step 1: Intake: DNA-Check


Step 2: In depth-Interview


Step 3: DNA-Assessment


Step 4: Evaluation-file

Follow up

Step 5: Continuous Follow up


Intake: DNA-Check

Step 1

We start by analysing and describing the personal and unique DNA of the candidate.  Is there a match between the DNA of the company, the team, the function and the DNA of the candidate? What is the ideal career path and function that the candidate has in mind?



Step 2

In an in-depth interview, we analyse the 10 most important core competences.  We also discuss the candidate’s motives, values and intrinsic motivation.



Step 3

In addition to the in-depth interview, we have the candidate take an assessment so that we have a double check on the candidate’s DNA.  Moreover, we also get a picture of the leadership competences communication and presentation style, goal-oriented and decisive skills, problem-solving ability, time management and possible development points of the candidate.



Step 4

You receive a complete summary file of the entire process we went through with the candidate.  Starting from the core competencies, the in-depth interview, the assessment, a 360° relevant reference check and our findings and conclusions.

Follow up

Continuous Follow up

Step 5

From the intake to the state of affairs, scheduling appointments, exchanging feedback after the interview and the salary negotiation.  Included are two follow-up interviews between us, the candidate and the company after three and after six months.   In short, I take care of everything from A to Z.

Our working method for companies is aimed at unburdening them from A to Z.

Besides the unique and successful DNA methodology, I like to give both client and candidate the VIP treatment they deserve:

  • I consult with every stakeholder or involved party in the process
  • I draw up the vacancy and the profile according to the right DNA
  • I advise on pay, approach and feasibility of the vacancy, among other things
  • I provide access to my network of professionals
  • I connect candidates with their future employer
  • I check references 360
  • I take care of the appointments and share feedback throughout the process
  • I guide and support line managers during the job interviews
  • I support in salary negotiations and onboarding
  • I follow up the candidate and the future employer after 3 and 6 months

In short … I believe that every detail has an impact on the result!

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