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How do I recognize a successful Marketing Director?

Because of our specialization, we attract people who know their business, have a proven track record and are engaging personalities.

We developed a DNA methodology that ensures that you maximize the chances of establishing a fruitful long-term partnership that pays off for both parties (candidate and company).

Every company, every position, every person has a unique DNA.  There must be a fit at every level. We are experts and specialists after 20 years to work out that exercise.

In 5 Steps to a Successful Marketing Director


Step 1: Intake: DNA-check


Step 2: Indepth – interview


Step 3: DNA-Assessment


Step 4: Evaluation File

Follow up

Step 5: Continuous follow-up

What 6 competencies do I want to see in a Marketing Director?

In addition to the unique and successful DNA methodology that we apply, we also engage in a targeted search for these competencies:

  • Discipline
  • Anticipation
  • Leadership
  • Judgment
  • Organizing
  • Collaborating

I believe that every competency combined with the right personality has an impact on results!

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Ik geloof erin dat iedere competentie in combinatie met de juiste persoonlijkheid een impact hebben op het resultaat!

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