Looking for sales talent?

You’ve come to the right place. Good sales professionals are hard to find. Their profile consists of a unique mixture of competencies, personality and attitude.

With our extensive database and our step-by-step plan, we can always find a unique candidate whose DNA perfectly fits your organisation’s profile. We also work with a number of additional tools that we can tailor to the vacancy.

Find the right candidate for your sales vacancy in 5 steps


Step 1: DNA-check

What is the DNA of the company, the team, the position and the candidate? Is there an initial match?


Step 2: Interview

What are the candidate’s incentives, values and motivation?


Step 3: Evaluation

A complete file based on a 360° reference check and interview


Step 4: DISC Analysis

In-depth test that provides a clear picture of the candidate’s personality

Follow up

Step 5: Follow-up

Continuous guidance before, during and after the recruitment process

We can also use these additional tools:

  • Competency matrix
    Provides visual insight into individual core, job and departmental competencies.
  • 5′ sales pitch video
    In a short video, the candidate briefly and powerfully explains his or her DNA, motivation and what makes him or her unique.
  • Network portfolio
    Together with the candidate, we draw up an overview of his or her client networks, from which the evolution or specialisation in the sector and type of clients is very clear.