How do we present the candidates to you?

The ideal Retailer is more than just a business card for your company and deserves our in-depth attention.

We measure this via a competence matrix, a scan of the workplace and a retail pitch video.

Competence Matrix

This matrix provides a visual insight and ranking of the individual core, function and departmental competences.

Scan of the workplace

The candidate will conduct an analysis of the store (personnel, visual merchandising, checkout processing, etc.) in the future workplace “incognito”. This practical exercise provides us with a picture of the candidate's approach and vision.

5' Retail pitch video

Through a Retail Pitch, the candidate describes clearly and concisely what his/her DNA is, what drives him/her and what makes him/her unique.




DNA make-up of position, company and candidate



In-depth questioning in order to identify driving forces, values, motivators, etc.



  • DNA
  • 360° reference check
  • In-depth interview
  • Compile in the records


Assessment to gain an objective insight behind the candidate’s work “mask”, basic anxieties, contributions to the organisation, motivations

Follow up

Follow up

Constant mentoring before, during and after the recruitment processs


Retailers do more than just being happy to help customers, create beautiful window displays or manage colleagues.

We obtain an overall picture via a 360° reference check with their customers, managers and colleagues. In particular we find out the way they cooperate, communicate, structure their team, etc. This valuable collection of DNA items provides us with a reliable picture of your future team member.


A retailer is unique. We search minutely for “the iceberg” behind every candidate.

What work “mask” do they put on if their sales figures are not reached, what drives them, what are their basic anxieties, what underlying values, standards and convictions are at play?

Intensive process guidance

From drawing up the function and profile to guidance in the selection and follow-up discussions 3 and 6 months after the new employee starts work.

Both the candidate and the employer benefit from the intensive follow-up.

The candidate gets a full picture of the position, the expectations, the growth opportunities and the cultural values of the future employer.



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