Looking for marketing talent?

A good marketer is not only creative, strategic and empathetic, but also has a certain element of magic that is difficult to pinpoint. How we do it

Strategic, organised, creative, commercial and data-oriented: these are just a few of the criteria you can use to identify a strong marketer. The ideal candidate must also perfectly match your organisation’s DNA.

By following our step-by-step plan throughout the recruitment process, we always find the right candidate. We also have a number of specific tools that we can use, tailored to the profile we are looking for. We also always utilise our extensive network of interesting candidates.

In 5 steps to the right candidate for your marketing vacancy


Step 1: DNA-check

What is the DNA of the company, the team, the position and the candidate? Is there an initial match?


Step 2: Interview

What are the candidate’s incentives, values and motivation?


Step 3: Evaluation

A complete file based on a 360° reference check and interview


Step 4: DISC Analysis

In-depth test that provides a clear picture of the candidate’s personality

Follow up

Step 5: Follow-up

Continuous guidance before, during and after the recruitment process

We can also use these additional tools:

  • Competency matrix
    Provides visual insight into individual core, job and departmental competencies.
  • Portfolio Analysis
    Together with the applicant, we make an overview of completed projects that show an evolution, a specialization or professional competence.
  • Success portfolio
    Gives a visual insight into the individual core, job and department competencies.