How much of my gross pay will be left in net terms?

How much of my gross pay will be left in net terms?

Social security contributions are deducted from your gross salary. What remains is your taxable gross pay. Taxes are then deducted from this. What remains is your net salary.

Your net pay is therefore the amount that appears in your bank account. In Belgium, the difference between the gross and net amounts is greater than in most other countries. On top of your gross salary, your employer also pays employer contributions to the State. For your company, you therefore represent a total pay cost that is higher than your gross salary.

How much do you have left from your gross salary in net terms?

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Not everyone with the same gross salary has the same net amount left after deductions. If you have dependent children, less tax is deducted and your net pay is higher than for someone else who earns the same gross pay as yourself but does not have any dependents.

Precisely because the net salary differs, gross salaries are always referred to in salary negotiations.