Looking for your dreamjob in sales, marketing or HR?

We will be happy to help you with your search! We see you as more than “just another applicant” and guarantee personal guidance at every step of the process.

With our many years of experience, our extensive client base and our unique approach (see below), we are always able to find a good match between our candidates and their dream job.

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What do we check first? Your DNA!

Don’t worry, this does not involve a blood test. By your DNA, we mean your personality. The thing that makes you unique. Because that has to be a perfect match with the DNA of the organisation you end up in. This ensures in advance that you will end up in the right place, in the right team and at the right company. That is good to know, right?

In 5 steps to your dreamjob


Step 1: DNA-check

What is the DNA of the company, the team, the position and the candidate? Is there an initial match?


Step 2: Interview

What are the candidate’s incentives, values and motivation?


Step 3: Evaluation

A complete file based on a 360° reference check and interview


Step 4: DISC Analysis

In-depth test that provides a clear picture of the candidate’s personality

Follow up

Step 5: Follow-up

Continuous guidance before, during and after the recruitment process