United Talent

“Success doesn’t come by chance, it’s a conscious choice!”

Look beyond just checkboxes and figures!

United Talent attaches huge importance to (re)discovering individual potential, exploring what somebody really wants, as well as taking account of the unstoppable motivations and passions that shape people and make their teams shine in their job.

By looking more deeply into companies and candidates, United Talent creates a clear focus on goals, teams & careers; individually customised to and scientifically based on your corporate DNA.

Recruitment from a different perspective


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We dig deeper than the tip of the iceberg

People are like icebergs…
Most recruiters only scratch the surface…
when a candidate’s actual DNA lies below the water.

The impact of DNA on your company

  • 76% of employees leave if their personal DNA clashes with the corporate culture
  • 62% of employees leave because of the lack of opportunities for growth
  • 90% of someone’s behaviour is controlled personally by his/her values and standards.
  • 85% have a chance of success: those who have introspection, are authentic and display passion.


Recent vacancies

Strategic Business Development Manager
Titel: Strategic Business Development Manager
Regio: Belgium-Wordlwide
Sector: Food-Industry
Ervaringsniveau: 5-10 jaar
Regional Sales Manager Region Belgium and France
Titel: Regionaal Sales Manager
Regio: Europe
Sector: Industry
Ervaringsniveau: > 3 jaar ervaring
Product Manager (Foodsorting Machines and applications)
Titel: Product Manager (Food Sortingmachines and applications)
Regio: Belgium-Europe-EMEA
Sector: Foodsorting
Ervaringsniveau: 6 à 10 years


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