Our indispensable factor in successful recruitment?
The DNA check!

At United Talent, we look beyond experience, skills and personality. Talent, personal values and culture also play a crucial role in recruitment. Recruitment is only successful if our candidate’s DNA perfectly matches that of your organisation.

The DNA check enables us to find great and sustainable matches time after time.

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Find the right candidate for your sales, marketing or hr vacancy in 5 steps


Step 1: DNA-check

What is the DNA of the company, the team, the position and the candidate? Is there an initial match?


Step 2: Interview

What are the candidate’s incentives, values and motivation?


Step 3: Evaluation

A complete file based on a 360° reference check and interview


Step 4: DISC Analysis

In-depth test that provides a clear picture of the candidate’s personality

Follow up

Step 5: Follow-up

Continuous guidance before, during and after the recruitment process

How we make the difference in recruitment

Our approach always ensures excellent candidates, even with less obvious vacancies. We make the real difference through continuous monitoring. For example, we are always present at the first interview between you and the candidate and we continue to follow up with him or her after the start.