Why United Talent?

Recruitment has been our passion for more than 15 years. Connecting the right person to the right company it is tremendously satisfying, over and over again.

Our special approach and continuous monitoring, guarantees a sustainable result.

Success is not a coincidence, it’s a conscious choice.

“Peggy Janssens from United Talent has succeeded in finding some very specific and challenging profiles in a relatively short period.
We will certainly continue to work together in the future!”

Caroline Reding, Sales Manager Staples Solutions

Our values


We communicate openly, objectively and discreetly. This helps us gain our candidates, clients and colleagues’ trust.


We believe in positive people with a healthy passion and drive. Our people go to great lengths to achieve their goals.


We are open to various beliefs, ways of thinking and motives. That is how we give and get respect.


We believe everyone is at their best when they can fully be themselves, because honesty lasts the longest.

Sustainable matching and connecting

The secret to our success? Our unique way of working in which profundity is key. The result is a stable and sustainable connection.

Focus and feedback

We listen, guide, support and give continuous feedback throughout the process. Both to candidates and clients.