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  • More than 15 years’ experience and in-house expertise
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  • Guiding, supporting and coaching the employee before, during and after recruitment
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The values of United Talent


We earn the trust of our candidates, customers and colleagues through communicating in an open, objective and discreet manner.


We believe in positive people with a passion to win! Our people go to the extreme to achieve their goals.


We are open to different beliefs, mind-sets and motivations. Consequently, we expect mutual respect.


We believe in the uniqueness of every person that can be sincere and honest.

(Matching) and connecting in a sustainable way

We strongly believe that our success is determined by the in-depth way in which we work. Depth is central throughout the entire process, resulting in a stable, successful, long-term association.

Focus on the person

We listen, guide, support and give continuous feedback to candidates and clients throughout the whole process.


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