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About Peggy Janssens

Connecting, inspiring, bold, visionary, intelligent and successful entrepreneur.

Clients often ask me: “why the choice for your specialisations of marketing, sales and HR?”.

The answer is quite simple … because those three areas are my passion!

I graduated as a Marketing Specialist with a Master in Business Communication.   I learned to zoom in and out on HR issues & processes, which helps me to see the bigger picture when recruiting Executives.  Thinking along at the highest level and from the customer’s point of view is my talent.  Marketing continues to fascinate me in all its facets.  Even now, I am still actively involved in the marketing activities of my own company.  Creating impact is something marketers and I have in common.

Communicating and selling are in my DNA.  I ‘breathe’ sales … I understand the language that sales people speak because I am one of them.  One sales manager is not like another.  Everyone has their own accents and their own unique DNA.  A Sales Manager can’t fool me … I have a nose for the talented once. Success is not a coincidence, but a mix of conscious choices. I am a fast thinker who has a subtle feel for people, which enables me to achieve wonderful results at the highest level.

The choice of HR specialisation was an obvious one.  I sit around the table with HR management on a daily basis.  They share their greatest concerns and talk about future plans in complete confidence.  They are grateful for the sounding board, the advice and the experience that I share with them.  Their passion for people makes me smile, because I have that too!

In recent years, my focus has been on leadership profiles for several reasons.  First of all, because I have worked in leadership positions myself throughout my professional career.  I have given leadership training which gave me the opportunity to gain experience in various sectors and companies.  And finally, my network has evolved along with me, which is useful when clients are looking for experienced Sales, Marketing or HR Directors.

In short, when I started United Talent over 15 years ago, the niche I chose was self-evident.  Today I still stand behind this choice, because both my candidates and clients feel the added value I offer through my education, my incisive insights and my years of experience.

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