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We provide the perfect match between
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Selling is an art, and that requires a mixture of special competencies, personality and attitude. But how do you find such a unique gem?

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A good marketer is not only creative, strategic and empathetic, but also has a certain element of magic that is difficult to pinpoint. Curious on how we do it?

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The world of Human Resources has no secrets for us. We are happy to work on finding that HR professional who has that little bit more to offer.

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Our secret
We look a lot further than facts and figures!

“At United Talent, we focus on what makes people shine in their jobs. We do this by looking at companies and candidates in person and not just looking at who they are on paper; after all, it’s about the people themselves.

What makes us unique is the DNA check. For example, we test whether the candidate’s DNA matches that of the company, the team and the position. Guaranteed success.”

Peggy Janssens, manager

Why United Talent?

  1. More than 15 years of national and international experience
  2. Extensive network of professionals
  3. The company and the candidate’s DNA are key
  4. 100% passion and commitment
  5. 235 satisfied customers. And still counting!

What our clients say

“Finding candidates who fit into a corporate culture so that they really feel connected is not obvious. Your dedication, availability and know-how mean that we now have a team that truly forms a team. I enjoy working with you. Your passion, enthusiasm, drive and sincerity are unique.”
Steven De Vriendt, Area Sales Director, Miko Coffee

“The professional and people oriented approach of United Talent is something I had never experienced at other select offices. You dare to ask further and think solution-oriented for both company as for the candidates. Such engagement is the reason why we can build a long-term relationship.”
Mauro Demurtas, Sales Director, Francotyp-Postalia

“I have had a lot of applications, and the way you work is truly unique and enlightening. You follow the entire selection process very briefly, supporting and providing correct and constructive feedback. I now have a job that really suits me and where I can grow further.”
Nathalie Mallot, Storemanager, JBC


Recent vacancies

Strategic Business Development Manager
Titel: Strategic Business Development Manager
Regio: Belgium-Wordlwide
Sector: Food-Industry
Ervaringsniveau: 5-10 jaar
Regional Sales Manager Region Belgium and France
Titel: Regionaal Sales Manager
Regio: Europe
Sector: Industry
Ervaringsniveau: > 3 jaar ervaring
Product Manager (Foodsorting Machines and applications)
Titel: Product Manager (Food Sortingmachines and applications)
Regio: Belgium-Europe-EMEA
Sector: Foodsorting
Ervaringsniveau: 6 à 10 years